Computer repair: Replacing the laptop matrix

Computer repair: Replacing the laptop matrix

When the laptop screen is broken and does not turn on, the matrix is ​​often replaced for repair. But when there is a question of replacement, many do not know how to do it correctly. In addition, many not only do not know the principle of this element, but also do not know what better to buy a matrix for a laptop ASUS. We will try to answer these questions further.

Any LCD screen of the laptop includes a lot of special segments — pixels, which together give the possibility of full control over the image. In addition, when manufacturing two main monitor panels in production, the purest material and substrate are used. Exactly between such panels are liquid crystals. Without this, the screen would not work. The whole feature of the principle of work is that passing through such material, light is polarized.

And thanks to the crystals that are there, the polarization plane unfolds exactly 90 degrees like a Samsung 300E5C A0E laptop. Because of the possibility of adjusting the plane of polarization, a special filter appears on the path of the beam of light, which allows to pass or not to pass it.
The new ASUS laptop matrix is ​​most often required when the old one is damaged. The most common cause of failure is mechanical damage.

Something heavy fell on the laptop’s lid, the child stepped on the PC — all this and much more is disastrous for the device screen and an unplanned purchase can not be avoided. But where is the best place to buy a matrix? Of course, to acquire such an important part of the laptop is only for large dealers and only in proven locations. And first of all because otherwise there is a chance to run into Chinese counterfeiting.

But how to distinguish the original from the copy? This is easy if you follow the following characteristics: ASUS laptop with IPS matrix like Acer Aspire E1-521 does not have «broken» pixels in the image. Chinese matrix most often noticeably flicker, which spoils the eyesight. A counterfeit screen costs several times cheaper. The guarantee for a counterfeit matrix will be 3 months, when the original one — no less than six months. The original screen has protection against burnout. Not a fake matrix always fits the size, and the Chinese is often not … The original screen is much more contrast and brighter than the Acer Aspire E1-571G.

Despite the fact that replacing the matrix on a broken laptop ASUS may seem easy, it’s better not to take any chances. Firstly, the screen of the laptop costs a lot of money, and to spoil it is a simple matter. Secondly, unprofessional interference can damage the laptop itself, which is even more unpleasant. Therefore, this event is better to entrust to specialists.

The replacement of the matrix consists of the following stages: diagnostics; parse the top cover of the device; removal of the matrix; installation of a new screen (the price will be the same as the installation screen for Acer Aspire One 756); flashing the screen chip, if required; testing. Thus, before you risk, it is better to bring your laptop to the «Computer repair in Cincinnati» service center, where they will make an accurate diagnosis and fix the problem


How many people — so many opinions. Many have their own preferences for the phone model — someone likes Samsung, someone to the iPhone, to someone Nokia, to someone Sony Xperia. Now Meizu and Xiaomi are gaining popularity. What model of smartphone to choose for purchase?

We will not consider technical characteristics of smartphones, we will not consider design features and comparative tests. We are a service center, so we will talk about choosing a phone model in terms of its maintainability. This article reflects our subjective opinion, based on the great experience of repairing mobile devices.

So, which models of phones are the most reliable in terms of repair, as well as the most inexpensive to maintain? In the first place, of course, iPhones. It’s really a Phone with a capital letter. The iphone is very unpretentious, at the same time it is really well assembled and has the most advanced software. The Android operating system is inferior to IOS in terms of vulnerability.

It is impossible to catch the virus on the Apple operating system, it is impossible to install software that will cause the phone to malfunction. Therefore, the iPhone firmware is extremely rare. On Android things are completely different. You can easily download the left applications, which then can lead to malfunctions in your phone. Of course, Android is more convenient in terms of access to the phone.

You can put a memory card, download it to your music, your files, install any applications, including from unverified sources. You decide. If you are sure that you can control the process and do not exactly catch anything harmful, then you can choose Android. If you choose reliability, then safely choose iPhone.

Now a few words about repairing the phones. The most common failure is the broken glass of the phone. Which models of smartphones are cheaper to repair? And again on the first place is the iPhone. In Ayphon, you can replace both the glass and the display module in the collection and the cost of these works will be the cheapest among other smartphones. In second place are the models of Chinese companies Xiaomi, Meizu, and also Asus. Screens for these companies’ phones are inexpensive and easy to change.

A few words about HTC phones. A couple of years ago it was one of the most popular brands, but these days it is losing its position sharply. From the point of view of the service center, the reason is simple: these phones are very whimsical, they often burn out internal elements, the details change very uneasy. HTC — the heaviest in the analysis of apparatus. Therefore, at the same cost of displays for phones, HTC repair will always cost more.